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A primary use of ISSAQ is to facilitate meaningful conversations with students to support their success. At DIA, we term this engagement as "coaching" to distinguish it from other forms of guidance, such as field-, major-, or course-based "advising," which primarily deals with scheduling and curriculum management. It's important to note that individuals with various titles, including advisors, coaches, counselors, faculty, and more, perform this essential work across institutions. The resources provided below are tailored to:

  1. Help you understand how to integrate ISSAQ data into conversations with students.

  2. Share overall best practices in supporting student success through individual coaching.

This short video goes over some of the basics to coaching using ISSAQ data, focusing on interpreting score reports, how to articulating strengths and challenges, and connecting students with resources.

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This document will guide you on how to interpret and use ISSAQ results. 

Support Group
Student and Tutor

This short article outlines our distinction between advising, coaching, and counseling, emphasizing a functional definition for each rather than one based on personnel titles.

Child Counselor
Support Group

This guided writing exercise allows students to delve deeper into their ISSAQ results. It prompts them to reflect on the aspects of the results that resonate with them the most, those they disagree with, and encourages them to contemplate the next steps based on their report.

Mirror Reflecting Sunset

We recognize that our approach to coaching/advising may differ from the structure, practice, and culture at your institution. We refer to it as "Assessment-Informed Holistic Advising." Our "AHA Moments" project aims to survey individual advisors, exploring how they incorporate assessment results into their practice. Additionally, the project seeks to provide institutions with a broader understanding of advising. Feel free to explore our project proposal for more details.

Light Bulb

Check out CV2's podcast episode where we discuss advising. We kick off by examining our distinctive approach compared to traditional advising models. From there, we delve into key elements in the advising literature, addressing foundational aspects. Additionally, we tackle the significant challenges that institutions face when implementing high-quality advising.

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Each month, we publish an article about higher education, student success, and related issues. Our goal is to spread the word about innovative research and promising practices while considering application, culture, and practical limitations.

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