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Holistic Student Success Research Group

What is the HSSRG?

The Holistic Student Success Research Group (HSSRG) is a group of passionate applied researchers – professionals, faculty, graduate students, and others – who work collaboratively to better understand ways to improve student success in higher education, particularly for those populations who have been traditionally underserved.

Fundamental principles:

  • Student success is a complex interaction of student background and capacity mixed with institutional context and experience.

  • Student success relies on efforts from both the individual and the institution.

  • Research facilitated through the HSSRG will be collaborative, impactful, and of high quality.

Who is part of the HSSRG?

The HSSRG is comprised of three different groups:

  • DIA Higher Education Collaborators will serve as the facilitator of the HSSRG. DIA will organize, plan, and host regular meetings of the HSSRG to facilitate conversations and discuss relevant topics/research questions. DIA will also provide access to data for members to use in research projects.

  • Just about anyone can be a member of the HSSRG, including faculty, staff, graduate students, and administrators. Members belong to the HSSRG in order to learn, gain access to data, and build a network of individuals with similar interests.

  • HSSRG fellows are individuals recruited by DIA to expand the subject matter expertise available to members. Fellows may participate in research projects, present in meetings, and serve as guides for members.

What types of research questions does the HSSRG address?

Well, that's up to you!

While DIA will help facilitate conversations around hot topics or unanswered questions in the field, research projects are ultimately determined by HSSRG members.

It is worth noting that DIA will be providing access to data that will be amenable to certain types of questions. In framing those questions, DIA uses an input-process-output model to organize variables related to student success. 

A few examples of pressing questions in the field:

  • How do noncognitive factors relate to success across populations, settings, and institutions?

  • What curricular/co-curricular experience are particularly effective in improving student success, and how does that vary according to student characteristics?

  • What institutional practices are effective homes for holistic student support?

  • What are faculty/staff perceptions to holistic student success work?

HSSRG Model.jpg

What's the latest with the HSSRG?

During the Spring and Summer of 2024, our focus is primarily on spreading awareness. In August 2024, we will host a webinar to formally inaugurate the HSSRG (with plans to refine the name).

Then, throughout the Fall, we'll be hosting monthly meetings to:

  • Discuss pressing questions in the field.

  • Share available data sources members can access.

  • Review methodologies that can be helpful for various research questions.

  • Foster conversations among our members.

For now, complete the form below to stay in the loop, and check back here for updates!

Interested in joining the HSSRG?

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