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ISSAQ Course


You will learn about what ISSAQ is and participate in taking the assessment. You will be able to identify noncognitive skills and understand why it is important to your success.

Slide Deck: Intro to ISSAQ

Lesson 2: Sense of Belonging 

You will have the opportunity to discuss your ISSAQ survey results and areas of interest amongst your peer group. You will learn about the importance of building connections and networking. You will also learn how to get involved more on campus. 

Course Outline: Sense of Belonging

College Friends
Library Tutor

You will learn the importance of self-advocacy as a skill that will be beneficial to your college career and beyond. You will also be able to identify where to go for help for various matters such as advising, counseling, tutoring, financial aid, etc. 

Course Outline: Help Seeking

Lesson 4: Organization 

You will have the opportunity to reflect on how you manage and spend your time. We will also introduce useful tools aimed to help strengthen your organization and time management skills.

Course Outline: Organization

Course Worksheet: 168 Hours

Monthly schedule_edited.png
College Lecture

You will learn the importance of active engagement on campus and in classes. You will also learn about the differences between high school and college-level courses and the expectations college-level courses require within and outside the classroom. 

Course Outline: Engagement

Lesson 6: Quality Focus 

Producing quality work is an important part of college. You will learn about the different resources available to help you succeed. Some examples include a writing center, library, or tutoring center for you to access. Knowing how to schedule an appointment for tutoring is necessary and is not just for when you are struggling. Proactive tutoring and skills tutoring is available. 

Students in Library

Course Outline: Quality Focus

Lesson Activity: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Yoga Group

You will identify the stressors in your life and acquire strategies to cope, manage and alleviate stress. You will also become familiar with the resources available on campus to proactively address and minimize the stressors and difficulties associated with college life.

Lesson Activity: Happiness Exercise

Lesson 8: Self-Efficacy 

Developing self-esteem and recognizing the importance of self-efficacy is necessary for achieving your goals. 

Course Outline: Self-Efficacy

Adult Students
Students in Computer Class

You will learn what persistence, effort, and grit is. We will challenge the assumption that talent leads directly to success. We will cover how effort and persistence are greater indicators of success than readiness scores. We will cover how failure can be a source of motivation and an opportunity to improve and persevere.

Lesson 10: Goal Commitment 

You will understand that achieving your goals requires sacrifice, hard work, and resiliency. You will recognize that achieving goals does not always go according to plan, but there exist resources and tools that can assist you in attaining your desired outcome. 

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