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ISSAQ Overview

It's not just a survey. It's a strategy.

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How do you know which students need additional support? How do you figure out which supports students need? These questions should be at the center of any student success strategy in higher education. 

The last several decades have seen countless articles, books, and even TED Talks about the importance of noncognitive skills. Emphasizing the behavioral, motivational, emotional, and social components of student success not only makes sense - it's also vital to improving student outcomes. Plus, it gives us insight into serving those student populations who have been traditionally underserved.

ISSAQ helps colleges and universities integrate noncognitive skills into their student success efforts. ISSAQ is all-inclusive: assessment, training, and information services (data and reporting) are integrated in any collaboration we undertake. We provide these innovative and practical approaches because all three are necessary for the success of your institution and your students.

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ISSAQ is a service of DIA Higher Education Collaborators

Our name comes from our motto: "Data to Information, Information to Action." Yes, many institutions of higher education could use more or better data from assessments, surveys, and other instruments, but the real challenge is making those data meaningful and impactful. Thus, our model works to not just help colleges and universities generate data, but to make meaning of those data, communicate that meaning to the right people, and improve practice.



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